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    GRIB weather files via email.

    Access via Alerts & Notifications.

    Weather file will be send via email related to the last position of your tracking device.

    You can choose when to receive the weather file. Use free software ZyGrib and/or PocketGrib.

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International Tracking Service and Rescue 24/7


  • Location of the tracking device at any time (Green icon)
  • Check your route
  • Monitor your property remotely
  • Complete real-time weather forecasts.

The functions our web application

This tool allows you to locate assets and people equipped with a beacon on the Internet via a dedicated web application.The device is directly related to the Globalstar satellites, Inmarsat, Iridium and GSM networks which transcribe its position on www.whatusea.com. This position is only visible to the owner that has the ability to provide private access to his family

  • Location of the tracking device at any time (Green icon). The geolocation interface does not require the installation of specific software.
  • Check your route (Red line on the map). Set directly on the platform the course you want to view by entering the dates and times you want. History of your saved route for 10 years.
  • Monitor your property remotely Simply define a perimeter directly on the map around the device. Few clicks, very easy to use. You are notified immediately by email and SMS when the device leaves the area.
  • Complete real-time weather forecasts.

The applications are numerous:

  • Track and locate the property or the person on the Google maps
  • Be localized in distress,
  • View the history of the course,
  • Define an authorized travel zone of the asset,
  • Set alerts when unauthorized movement,
  • Access to weather information for the next 3 days around the world,
  • Share your navigation on your web site or blog.

Options include intrusion detection, fire, receive periodic reports - custom configuration - as SMS/mail etc ...

Tracking Web Application

An overview of our interface: View real-time tracking devices on www.whatusea.com. Feel free to zoom in directly on the picture below !

For reasons of confidentiality, information about the tracking devices have been removed. Note: all interface functions are not visible in this demonstration.









International Tracking Service and Rescue 24/7

Our beacons are connected to the international rescue coordination center "Geos Alliance", global organization for emergency management on land or at sea

Buy our Satellite tracking devices

Satellite tracking devices

DeLormeinReach SE

The latest generation of "satellite" tracking device dedicated for persons. Several functions including sending and receiving text messages, help and monitoring. gives your friends and your family some peace of mind when you leave Iridium satellite network : global coverage.


Satellite tracking device working through the Globalstar Network. Very easy to install, no cables, 4 lithium AA batteries only. This is an ideal solution for your navigation in the Med, Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. Ideal for tracking of tenders, jet skis, small power boats !!


Locate and track my boat at any time! This satellite tracking device offers a world wide coverage through Inmarsat. Easy to instal, with 10m cable. This device is the ideal solution for real time tracking anywhere in the world.


Locate, track and protect my boat at any time and anywhere in the world. Protect my crew on board with GEOS! This satellite tracking device offers a world wide coverage through Inmarsat. Easy to install, pre-wired. This device is ideal for real time tracking and for 24h/7d Alert management (Distress, Piracy, Geofencing and Anti-intrusion).


Advanced Tracking offers advanced remote tracking of any vessel equipped with a SAT -C without having to first install a tracking device.


Unlimited tracking of your boat equipped with AIS system. Positions are provided by the VHF / AIS system on board. Frequency of positions: approximately every 4 min.

Rescue service in the world 24/7
Rescue service in the world 24/7

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